Monday, 20 February 2012

Reference material. The Space. 2/02/2012 Dance. Handheld shots

Second day of filming. Session was led by myself and Slava. We worked on interpretation of the poem and  possible story interpretation.

First task: We asked dancers to perform with poem recording. During the introduction we highlighted important moments of the poem, movement description and general feel.  Also dancers had a chance to read the poem and listen to both language versions:

 Here you can find poem interpretation to the music:

 Then we asked them to repeat some elements from the day before:

We also worked on possible 3 takes on the script.
  •  Version 1 dance/death is light, lyrical, it is rather positive experience, gives us strong sense of freedom. 
  • Version 2  dance/death is a struggle, conflict, the male character/death brings the tension
  • Version 3 Mix of both (possible use of flashbacks in this version)

Dancers performed all of the above. First version performed with music (Lots of beautiful examples of lifting) :

Version 2:

Version 3

We have also asked to help us with climax moment and idea of a step, when Nina falls but there is noone to catch her:



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