Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Audio Recordings from The Space Wednesday 01/02/2012

The recordings from Wednesday when we went to The Space.

First bit of recording for Dancing Nina research.
00.00- Session begins, Joanna, Slava and dancers talking
02.07- Dancing, soft breath Heavy steps
03.45- Heavier breaths
04.59- Feet squeeking
05.28- Heavy breathe out and foot work
06.07- Talking
08.59- Foot work and breathing
11.24- Talking

More Dancing Nina research
00.00- Tricia Talking
02.49- Music with movements
03.02- Tricia talking to dancers
05.36- Breathing, dance, falling, footwork (when she was scrabbling away from tricia on the floor.)
06.38- Dancing noises and music
07.32- Tricia and dancing noises
09.55- Music and dancing noises (emotional)

00.00- Dancer talking about process with Tricia
- Tricia talking
05.11- Dance moves to music
05.35- Emotional dancing (gasping and struggle)
06.23- Tricia talking (leaning)
08.58- Emotional dancing
14.37- Dancer tallking about role reversal
- Tricia
17.17- Dance with emotional memory
- Tricia
- End

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