Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Production meeting minutes 24 January 2012

During last term I was responsible for production management of The Date Night - short animated film. I used to write down and post the production meeting minutes quite regularly. It helped me a lot with organising things and making sure that all members of the team can track ideas floating around and the decision-making process. Since English is not my first language I tend to write minutes in the form of catchwords and bullet-points. I have a huge request: if something is not clear enough, please let me know....

Below you can find minutes from 24 January, our first production meeting:

Slava's ideas:
- use/experiment with screen print to develop the textures
- use of a chair in choreography, Nina stands on a chair, makes a step but there is noone to catch her
-sense of security in choreography

Ideas discussed in the meeting:
- no music in the beginning
- use of tango
- mixing the music: strong and delicate
- poem pace, use of voice over and sounds like heart beat, incidental music
- use of blue as a colour of grief/sadness - (Picasso)
- Nina behaviour before the dance : she is focused, methodical, tidies everything up, puts shoes together etc
 ("The Odd Couple" - Wayne's association)
- what makes her dance, maybe they are in conflict
- the act of falling - revealing shot
- use of Poswiatowska biography as an example for a Nina's back story

To do:
- back story
- script
- concepts

Research to do:
- look at animation with use of 'multiply frames' /delay  effect (e.g. Piotr Dumala)

Things done for the meeting:
- blog
- production schedule
- synopsis
- basic character log
- emails (Finn, Tricia, dancers from the Space)
- poem recording

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