Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Production meeting minutes 31 January 2012

Ideas discussed in the meeting:
  • use of flashbacks (Nuria) examples 'beautiful' '21 grams'  
  • what we see in the attic? is there anything that resembles the male character? Belongings, maybe his clothes. Look at scene from "the Artist": a hand appearing in a suit sleeve, maybe she could wrap herself in the sheets/cloths hanging in the attic 
  • 'Tale of Three Brothers'
  • how to describe a dance or a fight in the script, possibly use a phrase "dance scene in which...after certain amount of time ...." etc 
  • use of shot description in the script yes, it is allowed, especially if you have something particular in mind, Wayne has 80% stuff pre visualised before writing a script 
  • 3 possible scripts:  
    • Freedom - dance/dying is a spiritual escape, Nina leaves physical body behind her. It is rather positive experience, gives us strong sense of freedom. look at different cultures and their attitude towards death 
    • Fight - struggle, conflict, the male character/death brings the tension 
    • Both (possible use of flashbacks in this version) 
  • tango seems to be too structured, do we want to leave more space for interpretation? 
  • something slightly more abstract with 'moments that suggest' 
  • instruments like: piano, violin, viola, cello, accordion 
  • what about flamenco. maybe modern flamenco (Nuria: Bebo Valdes) 
  • look at fado 
  • look at Antonio Forcione - possibility 
  • Tricia brought Miguel Poveda record (track 5 and 12) 
  • use of specific/assigned instrument when character appears, different instrument - different personality,  look at 'Peter and the Wolf' 
  • prepare rough animatic and then pass it on to the composer 

To do: 
  • Jo write 3 versions of the script  
  • organise a small production meeting,  team discuss the scripts, decide 
  • 1st and 2nd February filming at the Space - generating reference material/ working on choreography 
  • write down what we need from the dancers 
  • book equipment (tripod, Sony z7e + something small for hand-held shots, sound recorder, go and ask technicians about mics) 
  • record sound/film 
  • organise transport 
  • prepare release forms 
  • Nuria bring/visualize the flashback idea

Things done for meeting:
  • The Space arrangements (Slava)
  • further research

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