Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Character Log - draft:

Name: Nina
Sex: Female
Age: 30/35 ?
What she feels:
  • pain
  • lost

  • calm and cool
  • she is lonely, depressed, vulnerable but brave at the same time

Character goals:
  • Nina had probably plans and dreams but all of that collapsed. We don't know if she is actually giving up or making a critical, brave choice of committing suicide.
  • Nina is a type of Everyman character, the character of her is less specific more symbolic.
  • The one think that we know for sure about her is that she feels the pain.
  • She can dance – she has a body of a dancer

What we know from the poem:
  • from the poem we know that she has stunning appearance (“ he men of clouded muscle look at her and clench fists their faces like the negative of the sun about to burst in light to gleam”)
  • femininity is one of her attributes (“tall in the high heels”)
  • erotic (“breasts/each one alone”)
  • beautiful
  • sexually frustrated/deprived, longing for human touch ( “the hips/swaying sleepily/ the hips/ rising forever/ and forever”)
  • Can we assume that Poswiatowska is Nina? (“a carved-in triangle of heart” - suggests the heart disease)
  • she wears a high heels and a dress

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