Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Reference material. The Space. 1/02/2012 Dance Handheld shots

Below you can find material recorded  at The Space on Wednesday 1 February 2012.
Dance sequences. Dancers: Miranda Sheehy, Courtney Robertson, Alicja Brzezicka, Dimitra Daskalaki

Warm up:

Reaching, Going Forward, Spiral Going Dow:





Blocking and Passing:


Blocking. Touch. Wound:

Holding. Letting go. Breathing:



Game between two: protecting and hurting:

Game between two: protecting and hurting. Hanging on but giving up at the same time. Remembering moments. Individual dance:

Helping/cradling Confidence Attack:

Cradling, Attacking:

Cradling, Attacking, Throwing out of balance:

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