Friday, 20 April 2012

Enviroment Concepts

The first one  is going with a more realistic feel and the environment lends its self well to the act. We discussed and wanted to go for a more old and decayed look. there is a lot of old wood in this one, from the floors to the table and roof beams. the roof beams are an important factor in the design as that is where nina will hang her self. i made the room for the beginning quite plain, without decoration, emphasising the dullness of the room, it is purely functional, nothing to distract the person using the room. i wanted to create an atmosphere that would emphasise the miserableness of her situation. i thought the wooden stairs would be useful to the idea of the theme as typically through history the steps to the gallows were made of wood. the attic is nice and roomy with the option of skylights and the hanging sheets almost give it a slightly eerie feel to the room. 

In the second environment concept i wanted it to have bit more concrete and plaster based in the materials that would make the rooms.there is more scope for grungy looking cracked plaster textures. on second thoughts the attic on the second one seems a bit smaller but there should be enough room. not all attics span the entire roof of the house.

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