Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rough Nina model update

I've been working on a rough model of Nina so that Jo can begin experimenting with rigs, I'm afraid i may have gotten slightly carried away with the detail to the head but in my mind it made sense to make the topology sound so that the same (but higher res.) model could potentially be used as our final.
-I started with a rectangular prism and shaped it from the side as closely as possible to the reference.
 -shaping from the front
 -blocking in the torso using a cylinder, suggesting rib cage
 -The eye seemed like too much detail at this stage but i figured Jo might like to try rigging the eyes. I built it using the space left from building the eye socket so that the shape already fit the curve of her head.
 - adding edge loops
 - extruding some hair detail and nose
-completing the low poly mouth

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