Thursday, 12 April 2012

Choreography part 2

Still working on choreography. Here you can find few versions of the dance sequence. I had a small problem with trying to figure out how to approach this task. In the end I decided to edit existing reference material and play  with selected movements, treat them as a puzzle game. We still have a session planed with Alicja and Tricia. But that will happen after the hand in. The main difference between the choreographies lies in the climax moment.A dance tempo, timing and camera shoots will change. The main purpose of it is to check if the movement flows within the dance.

Here - a version that seemed to pleased both Charlie and Slava. Nina in the main moment dances with Death:

Nina goes on her one. Climax is a solo dance.

Nina's solo dance with slight change in the movement. Solo dance is shorter and starts with the spin.

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  1. The first one is making me tear up :'(... i think that means I like it best in this case.