Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First peer review

Yesterday we had our first peer review to get some feedback on how our project is developing.  We showed the animatic first then we followed it with some ideas of character design. Our main focus point was on character design feedback. 

Here are some comments on character design:

  • Go with 3D. The woman design should be as abstract as you want. The clay feel or the sketchy feel. I wouldn't go with a proper woman design.
  • Charlie: 2nd and 3rd are the best
  • Slava: blue + purple Photoshop sketches are kind of thing I see. Gray (last) ones are nice also
  • Jo: love the texture. Run with this 
  • the concept art with the sculptured effect is really good
We also discussed the lighting. The  idea of stage lighting during the dance sequence was really popular. 

Huge part of this peer review session was discussion about 2D or 3D. There was quite a lot different opinions about the style of the film. There was lots of ideas about mixing those two styles:  

  • merging 
  • flickering
  • if just 3D: idea of smoothing the sculpture/model during the dance

Here is more of the feedback we received: 
  • 2d movement 3D set 
  • sheer volume of animation might be an issue 
  • the costume that Nina wears: the motion would be a lot harder to portray in 3D, the motion and flow of the material 
  • Second character I think is very important to the story. Do the audience immediately know that he is  the "Death" character as opposed to the lover. If not will that information be released to them before Nina dies? 
  • if you switch between 2D and 3D even if the visual style changes be careful to keep continuity between her personality/movement/media 
  • Really nice idea, great character design 
  • Prefer the idea of the film being 2D. It would be difficult to achieve a soft flow/movement within 3D and achieving a realistic + feminine character model 
  • 2D+3D mix up...Really like the idea of flickering between the 2 elements. The jarring in-between the  conveys  well the conflict between life and death 
  • I think 2d will allow you to create a most ghost-like feel, allow you to brake rules to achieve an impressive routine. You can convey more imagination in 2D. 3D creates limits. 
  • is the male character important?
  • table in the begging  doesn't really work, her sitting on a staircase kind of works better, feel that she is almost an object  

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