Saturday, 3 November 2012

Boring update on 10%

I thought I ought to let everyone know who cares; I've started roughing out keys and testing my chosen 10% segment.
Although there is a test... it was rushed (uni was closing and janitors were kicking me out) and the line tester I picked was very keen on it's contrast (you can't see shit). So, I'll upload exciting moving pictures as soon as something good happens, promise.
The 10% I've chosen is as follows (it's not exact but this is the "section"). At the moment it stands at about 14 seconds long, which is more than double the length it needs to be to constitute 10%, and it's even longer then the same section in my animatic due to my ad lib timing:

I'm calling it Scene_02, but tbh, it might be Scene_02,03, and 04. Who knows?! i'll decide later, Peace out.

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