Thursday, 11 October 2012

All the Character Sheets you could dream of!

Nina: Clean turnaround, heads and expressions (Note: Nina and Death won't appear in the final film as clean as they are shown in their turnarounds, cleaning them up for the purpose of turnarounds means a tighter adhesion to proportions and style for additional animators and inbetweeners)
Nina: construction using ovals
Death: Clean turnaround and heads (note; I didn't draw a set of expressions for him as i imagine him having a mostly blank expression)

 Death: Construction using ovals and rectangles, front and side

 Height comparison, front and side. Nina is roughly a head shorter than Death

Drawing aid sheets for additional animators/ inbetweeners
The next step is desiding on my "10% for Christmas" portion and doping/ keying it out. I'm already behind schedule but catching up, these took far longer than expected! Please comment :)

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