Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Am Art and Comping is GO!

So I'm just starting to think of putting together my "making of" when THIS pops up on my radar, and i think hey, why not? I'll give it a watch maybe i'll get some ideas for structuring the "making of".

Little did i know i had just stumbled upon the animator behind some of my favourite parody animation: Harry Podder. I had never found out who made it until now!

More importantly though, I laughed very hard at how much David Stodolny takes the piss out of artsy fartsy nonsense  with his animation style and how much the style he animated his short "I Am Art" with is so very similar to the way i've animated Dancing Nina...

Well my deep, artsy cover's blown, you got me Stodolny!

Any ways, here come some semi- complete shots!! (disclaimer: the colours will probably change, this was a test comp)

These are from Scene_03 part _03. 

This was an early line test of the scene with only Nina:

This was the final inbetweened and cleaned line test:
The timing was changed, and some anticipation added, a breathe and an extra key was added to make the face touch look a little less like a slap.

This segment was blocked, keyed, inbetweened and cleaned entirely by me. Mainly because believe it or not it's faster this way, when i inbetween i don't need a clean up stage.

This is the scene i will be talking about in my Final presentation for the section "finishing competence" as i feel it has one of the best examples of acting in my film. It's a quiet scene in which the characters mainly observe and react to each other. (It was also the first to reach comp but sshh)

I got the extra acting ideas like the face touch (which was not in original choreography) and the smile Nina gives Death at the end from primary research i.e myself and Joe acting out this (full) scene; And research on Nicole Kidman's character Satine in Moulin Rouge led me to the decision to have Nina smile at her partner.

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