Sunday, 9 December 2012

Semester 1 Summary: Modelling Nina

It's Chriiiistmas! And I'm just sticking up a round up of everything i've accomplished this Semester. This model happened way back in Summer, and as you all know is no longer being used for anything so she remains naked and at a fairly rough stage (ears and hair are undefined and inner mouth is missing) but still I'd like to show her off because she's been a big influence on my current 2D Nina, and i refer back to her constantly when i'm animating.

These were her original reference images

 While modelling her i referred back to Giacometti's sculptures. His work was a major influence at our design stage as well. If i were to try out sculpting this model in Zbrush in the future I'd be going for this hand made, rough, clay-like texture.
  I made my own plasticine models inspired by these sculptures and uploaded a texture library last semester, which was a hint to the way Nina's dress would have moved had we ever made the film in 3D. The fact that Nina's legs will now be connected by a maxi-length dress in my animation is down to Giacometti's influence as well:

I also used and continue to use knowledge gained from lifedrawing and and observational drawing when modelling.
 A full view of very tall Nina, with a clean Outliner.

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