Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Storyboard and Animatic!

Finally! The new storyboard according to the shorter choreography has been drawn up, complete with new style decisions made in a meeting yesterday with Tricia Anderson. Tricia had the wonderful idea of having our characters not only move like pieces of cloth but also have them disappear and appear by morphing from and into cloth, when necessary. Freya and I thought it was a much more elegant and artistic way of hanging Nina at the end, let us know what you think.
Obviously we haven't yet asked Finn Anderson to tweak his music to our new timing, we should be filming with the dancers at the end of this week and i also plan to get some cloth tests filmed; So hopefully by Monday-ish i'll be more sure of the timing and will feel confident sending a more accurate animatic away to him.

Comments welcome!


  1. I think i should point out as well that it IS inspired by this:

  2. this is really looking great!!